Dagomba Boy unveils vision for NPP as Northern Regional Chairman


One of the contenders for the Northern Regional Chairmanship position of the New Patriotic Party, Alhaji Amadu Inusah popularly known as Dagomba Boy has unveiled his policy document to transform the party when he becomes the next Regional Chairman.

Featured very prominently are measures to unite the rank and file of the NPP in the region and strategies to leverage the opportunities of the party to win the 2024 general elections.

The former two-term Yendi Constituency Chairman recognized the importance of party unity and cohesion especially among the regional party.

He observed in many instances some public confrontations between and among party stalwarts in the region; a situation he lamented created an embarrassing scene and pledged to carry everyone along irrespective of their individual differences and aspirations.

“A Dagomba Boy-led regional leadership will therefore not operate a pick and choose style of governance where some selected members of the executive are ignored or overlooked. We cannot break the 8 with this of attitude. Therefore, I shall ensure that fairness prevail at all times, as everyone matters within the regional executive set up and beyond”.

According to the Chairman aspirant, some constituency executives have also openly complained of unfair treatment and biases against them, adding this is an unhealthy development that has the potential of derailing the party’s chances.

Research Project

Chairman Dagomba Boy underscored the significance of electoral research leading to any elections and gave the indication one of the initial strategic plan is to resource the Elections and Research department of the party with both human and material requirements at the regional and constituency levels to conduct the SWOT analysis, thus, undertake a study to establish the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats relative to the crucial 2024 presidential and parliamentary elections.

According to him, the Regional Research and Elections officer became redundant because the current Regional Executives failed to recognize the value of that portfolio.

“It is evident by how the current officer holder is virtually abandoned. No wonder the signs of defeat in the Saboba, Kpandai and Wulensi constituencies were ignored by the current regional leadership prior to the 2020 general elections hence the predicament of the party in parliament relative to numbers” he argued.


Alhaji Amadu Inusah said communication remains the fulcrum around which every political party can propagate its messages to electorates and crucially for the NPP as the party in government.

He maintained the communicators must be resourced and given adequate support to realize they full impact in the party and not turned as praisesingers.

“Despite the deep seated apathy and disappointment among party communicators in the region, their voices are being heard daily on radio and television and social media projecting the messages of the party and government. This therefore means that with the right leadership in place, our hard working communicators will contribute significantly to ensure our next electoral victory” he asserted.

Party Office & Accommodation

The promise of building the NPP Northern Regional party office has also feature in the manifesto of Alhaji Amadu Inusah Dagomba Boy.

He said despite the failure of the incumbent Chairman, Adam Mohammed Baantima Samba, to fulfill his promise to construct the party headquarters as promised in 2018 that led to his election; a Dagomba Boy led leadership will take steps within two years to mobilize the needed resources to construct an ultramodern office complex for the NPP in the region.

He asserted the current leadership have enjoyed more resources from the national party than any of their predecessors and wonder what happens to the party’s dream of having a permanent regional office.


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