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Covid 19 Protocols; we’re waiting for circular from National to enforce regulations-N/R GPRTU

The Northern regional GPRTU executives seem complacent about the Covid-19 pandemic and how it easily spreads among citizens who do not practice safety protocols.

FillaNews’ visit to its local unions indicated that passengers are at liberty to either use their Nose Mask or otherwise, as no measure has been put in place to regulate travelers.

In an interview with Alhaji Salifu Mashud, Snr Industrial Relations Officer of the GPRTU at their Office Located at the aboabo market, he indicated that the union convened a meeting to send a strong signal on the need for drivers to stay safe during this era of covid-19.

On what the union is doing to passengers who are not using nose mask, he noted that they are waiting for a circular from their head office to enable them put strict measure in place with regards safety protocols.

He further added that branch executives have been directed to ensure that all drivers observe all the protocols fully, but passengers are at liberty to either or not use a mask whiles on board their vehicles though the vehicles will load at its full capacity.

On passengers who do not stick to wearing of nose mask, Alhaji Mashud noted that until the police service begin full enforcement of these protocol on wearing of nose mask, the GPRTU will also relax in the interim.

Speaking with some passengers, they alleged that the issues making rounds about the deadly Coronavirus is untrue, but rather a mechanism by government to impose unrealistic restrictions on Ghanaians in order to get financial support from the world Bank.

Additionally, others passengers believe that, the virus cannot infect people in the Northern part of the Country as they are well endowed with scorching sun.

Meanwhile a few passengers seen on mask also think otherwise.

For them they’re pleading with government and the security agencies to enforce the safety protocols and urged other citizens to be proactive because the virus is real.


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