COVID-19 lockdown: ‘Recalcitrant’ residents arrested at Kasoa

Some persons who were found to be moving about in Kasoa in the Central Region without tangible reasons have been seized by security personnel stationed within the area.

Citi News’ Calvis Tetteh reports that at least sixteen of them were held at premises of a makeshift facility in the area for a while before being cautioned and asked to return home.

Some of those arrested said although they explained to the security officials their reason for their movement, the personnel did not accept the excuses and decided to arrest them.

One of those seized by the personnel told Citi News that he returned from Kumasi last night and arrived in Accra very late and so decided to stay over and proceed to the Central Region but was stopped by some soldiers.

“We work at a construction site in Kumasi. Our master didn’t let us close early and so because of the traffic, we arrived here very late. We want to continue to our hometowns last night but we didn’t get a car. That is why we stayed to continue today. We explained to him [the soldier] but he said we will not allow us to go to our hometown. I told them everything but he said I should sit here,” he said.

Another person, who is an electrician and was attempting to travel to Ajumako after arriving in Accra from Kumasi last night said the security officials did not listen to his explanations and asked him to sit.

Two teens who were also accosted by officials said they had been sent by their grandmother to buy call credit.

“Our grandmother sent us to go and buy credit and while we were on our way, they arrested us. I am aware there is a lockdown but I didn’t know that this place is part…They said we should sit here,” he said.

Meanwhile, some other persons who were able to justify the movement within the area were permitted by security personnel to carry on after interrogation.

“They were asking me where I went to and I told them I went to buy corn dough and charcoal. I don’t have anything in the house that is why I decided to go out and after some time they allowed me to go,” Joe, a resident told Citi News.

“I told them I went to buy fish… It was just a few seconds chat with the military man and after explaining to him, he let me go,” said Emmanuel Odoom, another resident.

About 15 checkpoints have been mounted in the Awutu Senya East district to enforce the lockdown of the area as part of the major Greater Accra Metropolitan Area and Greater Kumasi Metropolitan Area lockdown.

The lockdown is to stop the spread of COVID-19 in Ghana.

As at 1200GMT, on March 30, 2020, Ghana had recorded 152 cases o


133 of the cases were confirmed in the Greater Accra region while 8 were confirmed in the Ashanti Region.

One case has been confirmed in the Upper West region and 10 in the Northern Region.


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