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Contempt case against Bernard Mornah adjourned indefinitely

The Supreme Court on Monday, July 27, 2020, indefinitely adjourned a contempt case against Bernard Mornah.

Chief State Attorney, Bright Kuwornu told the Court that Mr. Mornah was evading service of the application on him.

But when pushed for evidence of the PNC National Chairman’s evasion of service, the Chief State Attorney could not provide any.

The Court thus adjourned the case without giving a return date.

The State on 2nd July 2020, hauled Bernard Mornah before the Apex Court to be committed for contempt following what the State said was Mr. Mornah’s encouragement “of defiance and disobedience of the explicit orders of the court.”

The State in its affidavit deposed to by Senior State Attorney, Yvonne Bannerman, alleged that Mr. Mornah accused the Apex Court “of denying Ghanaians of their right to citizenship and their inalienable right, thereby courting contempt and disaffection for the Court”.

Following the Supreme Court’s 25th June Judgment in the consolidated case involving the NDC, Mark Takyi-Banson, Attorney General and the Electoral Commission on the constitutionality of C.I. 126, Mr. Mornah at a press conference on 26th June, admonished Ghanaians to act in disobedience of the clear orders of the Court.

The State quoted the PNC National Chairman as advising and urging Ghanaians to “get your voter ID Cards if it is the only identification document you can find and march in your numbers and in multitudes to the registration centres to demand the restoration of your right to citizenship and your inalienable right bestowed on you virtue of your birth and by courtesy of the 1992 Constitution.”

This, the State argues, was intended to subvert the judgment of the Court and calculated to bring the authority of a competent court of jurisdiction into disrepute.


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