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Construction of a national shrine not realistic – Numo Blafo III

The President of the GaDangme Council of Wulomɛi (Chief Priests), Numo Blafo III, says the construction of a national shrine is not feasible since traditional worshippers have different forms of worship.

According to him, although they are all referred to as traditionalists, it would be difficult to have all of them under one roof.

The Minister of Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs, Mr Samuel Kofi Dzamesi, on Wednesday said at a press briefing that the government has received requests to build a national shrine for traditional leaders and that the request was being studied since it would not be out of place.

According to Mr Dzamesi, following plans for the construction of a national cathedral and an already existing national mosque, he has received requests from a group of Wulomɛi [Ga Traditional Priests] for a traditional shrine.

But Numo Blafo said he was hearing of the request and plans for the first time.




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