BPA needs US$4.6m for routine maintenance

The Bui Power Authority (BPA) needs US$4.6 million to undertake routine maintenance works on its power plants for effective power production after operating for almost five years.

The engineering work is expected to be carried out within three months on the three units of the plant that are currently in operation.

Only one of the three units has been shut down for the maintenance works while the other two are yet to undergo a similar exercise.

Speaking in an interview with Class Business after a media tour of the facility, the Plant Manager at Bui Power Authority, Mr Ebo Asamoah said although the amount is needed urgently, power production in the short- and medium-term will not be affected.

“In a matter of about a month or two, we should be able to finish the first unit and go to the second unit,” Mr Asamoah explained.

He said the exercise involves inspecting, cleaning and replacing damaged or worn-out parts and “we need money to be able to complete the three units”.

The BPA has generated 460 gigawatts of power for the second quarter of 2019 out of a target of close to 6,550 gigawatts for the year.




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