Bimbilla: At least three shot during clashes at Damba celebration

At least three people have sustained gunshot wounds in Bimbilla in the North East Region following clashes between a section of Damba celebrants in the community and some security personnel.

A joint police-military force invaded the community and allegedly attacked the celebrants while they were performing the Damba rites.

The personnel reportedly prevented the NakpaNaa family from celebrating the festival at his palace.

This prompted the Nakpa family to start burning tyres as part of a confrontation between the family and the security which eventually led to the shooting.

Bimbilla is currently contending with a long-standing chieftaincy dispute which was put before the National House of Chiefs for arbitration.

The government followed the Dagbon “road map to peace” strategy and got the Awomefia of Anlo, Togbe Sri, to lead mediation efforts.

The family of late BimbillaNaaAndaniDasanaAbdulai, one side of the feud, however, rejected mediation efforts.

The other side of the dispute is the family of the late NakpaNaaSalifuDawuni.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday, May 23, 2018, declared the DasanaAndani family rightful rulers of Bimbilla following the dispute that led to the death of many people, including NaaAndani in 2014.

The overlord of GonjalandYagbowura, Tuntumba Bore Essa I, in consultation with the Council of Elders has placed a ban on the celebration of the Damba festival in the Bole traditional area in the Savannah Region.

The ban has been necessitated by the lingering dispute over the Bole skin which has led to a clash between two factions in the past.

While the Judiciary Committee of the Northern Regional House of Chiefs engages the factions for a final determination on the matter, the Interior Ministry has imposed a curfew on the town.


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