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Assist your wards During the Selection of schools -Mr. Dahamani 

Parents have been tasked to assist their wards during the selection of senior high schools (SHS) they wish to attend, as the process is currently underway.

Students who recently completed Junior high school will be selecting their schools of choice for onward input and placement by the institution responsible.

In an interview with FiilaFm’s Akosua Kwatemaa Boakye the Northern Regional Coordinator of the Free Senior High School (FSHS) policy’s Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS), Mr. Bukari Dahamani noted that Parents need to know their wards adequately well in other to forecast the likely outcome of their exam, so as to make informed decisions during selection.

He attributed lack of parental concern in the school selection process of their wards to the anomalies experience last year during the placement process.

Mr. Dahamani further added that due to the coded nature of selection of schools by prospective students, their guardian must be there to assist to prevent future  wrong-postings.

Meanwhile he indicated that officers have been cautioned to leave up to expectations during the selection and placement in order not to place students where they never applied for.

The CSSPS is a system used to allocate schools for students who are transiting from JHS to SHS. Of the 782 senior high schools in the country, these schools have been categorized into three sections, according to the school’s strengths.

From category A-B, students will have the option to choose five schools they wish to attend and the courses they wish to offer.

The Fourth choice must be a compulsory TVET school from the list of schools to choose from.

Mr. Dahamani is hopeful this year’s process of school selection and placement won’t be cumbersome as last year’s, should parents take keen interest in the process.

He added that in case of any mistake, students may have the opportunity to change their placement only twice or at most thrice, if there is the need for changes in their selection of schools.

This he indicated is due to the fact that there may not be resolution centers for people to troop in for their concerns to be addressed this year, hence parents should be mindful about the choices they make for their wards .

He also noted that there is positive discrimination for students coming from deprived areas devoid of their aggregate.

Meanwhile parents are to note that transfer processes are very cumbersome and may take time to move a Ward from one school to another under transfer.



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