Ashantigold C.E.O Fredrick Acheampong not convinced by NC’s apology letter.

Chief Executive Officer of Ashantigold, Fredrick Acheampong says the apology letter by the
Ghana Football Association’s Normalisation Committee shows they are not remorseful for
disrespecting club administrators following the cancellation of the special competition.
The Normalisation Committee described owners and administrators of clubs as “selfish, greedy
and braggadocios” after pulling out of the competition meant to return football in the country.
A disagreement between the two parties led to the Parliamentary select asking the NC to issue an
unqualified apology to the club owners for using such words on them.
But according to Fredrick Acheampong, the apology does not look like admission of any wrong
doing but rather a defence of their action.
“Apologizing for what you do wrong doesn’t kill anyone but it seems they won’t apologize.
“That letter they brought out as an apology letter is not an apology letter but rather admitting that
they did something wrong,” he added
I will urge premier league clubs to let it go in the interest of Ghana football because I don’t think they will apologize.
“If Parliamentary select committee on youth, culture and sports asked them to apologize and they are refusing then I will plead with the premier league clubs to let it go for the public to make their own judgment.
“Ideally after the Normalization committee meeting with the parliamentary select committee on youth, culture and sports they should have pulled down the earlier post and draft a nice apology letter but that’s not the case.
“The salary of Dan Kweku Yeboah or the members of the Normalization committee won’t reduce if they apologize,” he concluded.

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